Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis


Karim Chandra

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In this chapter, the author provides different situations in which a person can forfeit their happiness for the sake of others. For example, women tend to value the happiness of others more than their own by trying to be good employees, wives, daughters, or mothers, among other things. According to Hollis, women need to be selfish to achieve most of their dreams. This does not mean they should be overly selfish, but instead try to create a balance between working for others and working on their personal ambitions. A balance between work and life tends to be difficult because work accounts for most of the time in our daily lives, and urges all women to always find time for personal growth. Unlike what many people claim, it is very possible to be a good mother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend, and still chase personal goals. Opinions that claim otherwise are, according to Hollis, negative energy meant to eat into one’s psychological peace, which forces them to conform to societal stereotypes like “good mothers should only concentrate on bringing up children”.


Women have always been on the receiving end of gender-defined roles in society. As such, most have failed to chase their own dreams in a bid to be “good partners or mothers”. In order to succeed in life, women need to debunk these myths and set new standards. Being a good mother or partner does not rest upon creating happiness for others at one’s expense. One can pursue their ambitions or goals and still be a good mother or spouse. Hollis, for instance, has worked and achieved most of her goals despite being a mother and a wife, and has achieved these feats by ignoring most of what other people had to say about her life. She is telling women to rid themselves of worries that come with other people’s opinion and, instead, concentrate on improving every aspect of their lives.

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