Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 1-6

Hollis explains how women are always terrified of failing in the presence of other people because of the shame that comes with it. She gives an account of her writing career with an emphasis on the period when she wanted to publish her first books, and explaining how most publishers thought her writing was not interesting enough to attract a significant audience. After many years of trying, however, she made it — and she even became TheNew York Times’ bestselling author at one point. In other words, people are usually afraid of progressing with their ideas because they tend to think more about failing than they think about succeeding. Hollis explains that she became successful by doing the unimaginable — which eventually bore her fruit. Hollis also advises that women should not be afraid of speaking about their failures as well as their objectives, as aiming much higher is the secret to success.


The fear of failing has held women from pursuing their goals, mainly due to their awareness of how other people perceive them. People that could currently be argued to be successful in their respective fields encountered failure at some point of their lives. For instance, before succeeding into becoming a renowned writer, Hollis had at some point been told by her first potential publisher that she was not a very interesting writer and would not attract a significant audience. Hollis urges women to view setbacks as opportunities to learn, in order to propel themselves higher. Conclusively, Hollis advises women not to be afraid of failure because trying and failing is better than not doing anything at all.

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