Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
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Part 1-7

According to Hollis, women tend to avoid exploring ideas that have been explored before. However, she argues that having any idea, in the first place, is a step in the right direction and one should not compare what they are doing with what other people have done. Furthermore, comparing oneself, when beginning a journey, with someone else, in the middle of their journey, can be extremely demoralizing. A person should use what other people are doing as a reference point so that they can tailor their thinking processes to come up with even-better ways of doing something. Furthermore, she advises women to not be afraid of carrying out something because it has been done before, or may have previously failed at it, as well as urging them to desist from becoming perfectionists who wants everything to go their way.


People tend to fear competition — and this hinders them from getting into niches where other people have already established themselves. Hollis is urging women, who are starting out on something for the first time, to avoid comparing themselves with others and to focus on their goals instead. One should strive to come up with better ways of doing something that others already have. The author also emphasises on the importance of challenges, where it is normal to encounter them along their paths to success, and are opportunities to learn and help one do better.

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