Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
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Part 1-8

This chapter beings with Hollis declaring that she had just started boxing practice without caring much about what others think, simply because it makes her happy. With that in mind, she defines two types of people in life: judgmental; and nonjudgmental ones. The former is always willing to criticize a person’s lifestyle, while the latter does not care. Hollis also notes how she is molding her children in a way that they will not struggle in their adult life. To achieve this, she has to ignore what other parents think of her as a parent, especially any negative criticism that does not add value to their lives. On the flip-side, Hollis notes the importance of having people with whom one can share their most intimate thoughts and ambitions, as women tend to be overly mindful of what other people will think of them — even when, probably, nobody cares.


It seems natural for some people to criticize others negatively, even when it does not actually concern them. Hollis believes that caring about such criticism will only slow an individual down, and advises women not to be bothered by what other people might think of them. She also reminds women that family and friends are important because they can offer advice in times of need.

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