Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 2-1

In this chapter, Hollis emphasizes the need for women to be free in making their own choices and decisions. The author accounts how she was brought up by a dad who was so domineering, who only wanted to be made happy all the time. Hollis carried this mentality into her marriage and would strive to make her husband happy anytime he was upset, even if she was not the one who had made him angry. This continued until the day her husband assured her that she did not have to bother herself over each of his feelings. It was only at this time did it occur to her that, unlike what she had been brought up to believe, her entire life was not all about pleasing people. Therefore, Hollis tells women that they should not tie themselves down to the idea of always striving to please people.


Every grown adult has the right to make their own decisions. The author is reminding women that they, too, have the freedom to do so without having to seek permission from their male counterparts. Hollis uses her personal experiences to showcase what most women go through, specifically showcasing society’s flawed concept of parenting — where girls believe that it is their duty to make their male counterparts happy, and should not do anything that compromises this. She stresses that all women should drop this notion, and head out to pursue their dreams freely.

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