Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 2-2

Next on Hollis’ shortlist is the need for individuals to focus on one goal at a time. The author makes a claim that women have a tendency to want to do a lot of things, but in bits. She starts by first acknowledging that everyone has “lists of things” that they would want to accomplish, while advising that a person should always focus on one thing at a time. After achieving the current, one can then move on to the next. Hollis proposes a formula for helping women decide what goal to focus on — which she calls “10, 10, 1 (Ten years. Ten dreams. One goal)”. She explains that this formula should help a person decide what they want to be in ten years, what ten dreams they would want to make a reality, and which one of the dreams a person should turn into a goal and focus on at a time.


Hollis is trying to illustrate the essence of using a calculated approach to achieve goals in life. While she is aware that people have many goals they would want to accomplish, she advises that doing everything without an apparent order of priority could potentially have frustrating results. To put emphasis on this approach’s applicability, Hollis proposes a formula she came up with to help people organize their goals in their order of priority. In essence, the author is trying to illustrate the importance of being orderly by having clear plans.

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