Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
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Part 2-4

In this chapter, Hollis urges women to embrace the idea of asking for help, arguing that a willingness to do so is an important behavior that all successful people have. Women have a lot of duties that need their attention, including taking care of their children, domestic duties, and keeping fit — plus attending to their careers or business ventures. Hollis asserts that a woman cannot a combination of these activities alone and remain efficient, and hence a need to delegate some activities — in order to maintain focus — is very much necessary. Hollis goes ahead to castigate the insincerity many successful people, especially celebrities who are occasionally interviewed in the media, when they claim that being organized is the only thing that helps them “do it all”. She further argues that no successful person is truly self-made; they all sought help from others in one way or the other.


Hollis believes that for a person to be truly successful and remain efficient, they need to delegate some activities. Such calls for greater demands and responsibilities, and hence the author urges women to be open to the idea of seeking help — with some of their daily routines — as they concentrate on other more-important tasks. By calling-out some of the celebrities choosing to lie about their abilities, the author is encouraging successful women to always be sincere when advising others.

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