Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 2-5

Hollis dedicates this chapter to the importance of having a strong foundation for success. She sets out by using an analogy to describe what happens with most women: a woman is like a glass vase that is being filled with water — where water, in this case, stands for all the good things that happen in a woman’s life. Hollis claims that women have a tendency to care too much about the people around them, and that they act like a half-filled vase that can rock about, spilling some water onto the things around it. This vase eventually falls and breaks into many pieces. She advises women to behave like a vase that stands firm and waits until the water that flows into it fills it up, and starts overflowing into its surroundings. By acting in such a way, women will be able to nurture the people around her without compromising her own stability. In other words, she urges women to first concentrate on getting healthy, getting their personal space in order, building a great community, developing great habits, and establishing a morning routine.


In this chapter, Hollis is urging women to first concentrate on strengthening their own success before starting to help others. The analogy of the water glass–vase that the author uses is a perfect depiction of what befalls many women when begin helping others before they have strengthened their own success. Hollis provides a list of things she considers key in building a strong foundation, which help women comprehend these points more clearly by using elaborate examples from her life.

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