Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 2-6

In this chapter, Hollis is urging women not to let other people distract them from their goals. She acknowledges that there are a lot of challenges a person is bound to face once they commit to realizing a particular goal or adhering to a given lifestyle. Again, by using examples, Hollis makes sure to remind women that these distractions do not necessarily come from ill-intended people, yet they can come from friends and relatives as well. The author reiterates that it is not their job to pull everybody alongside them, but should instead only strive to show-up for their own lives as they pursue their own dreams. Hollis stresses that women will have to make decisions that other people do not necessarily have to weigh in on, as well as stand up against people who might try to talk them out of their pursuits.


The author is addressing one of the biggest challenges in a person’s journey to realize their dreams: negative influence. To help the reader understand better, Hollis provide examples to a number of situations where people might try to influence a person out of their commitments. To defeat the negative energy from others, the author emphasizes the need for women to stand firmly by their own beliefs and goals. However, she admits that standing against outside forces that try to talk somebody out of their goals can be extremely challenging. Being firm and focused is one of the greatest behaviors to adopt.

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