Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 2-7

Hollis encourages women to be ready to say ‘no’ to things they dislike or are against their beliefs and pursuits. She starts by revealing that the reason she does not volunteer in her children’s school is that she hates all the activities that come with it. After acknowledging that she might get angry notes from her fans after this revelation, she explains that that is her honest stand regardless of how people choose to perceive it. She is, however, keen to note that she can willingly participate if there were no other person to take up the responsibility, mainly because Hollis does not do things in a bid to seek approval from others — and concludes by giving advice on how to say no effectively by using a list of approaches that include responding as soon as possible, being polite yet honest, as well as by being firm.


Hollis believes that women should always be ready to say ‘no’ to things that either do not interest them or are against their goals. To effectively put this point across, she uses a personal example of something she honestly hates — but which, she admits, some of her fellow mothers might disapprove of: volunteering at her children’s school. Nonetheless, The author emphasizes that saying ‘no’ is not a bad thing, as people have varying priorities, and provides advice on how to do so.

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