Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis


Karim Chandra

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Hollis defines confidence as the belief that “you can count on yourself — that you trust your gut in the place you find yourself in”; it makes a person feel lively and “ready to conquer the world”. She offers three key ways in which a person can build up their self-confidence: by enhancing the way one looks (because it makes her feel more confident); by changing the way they act (with what they already know, even as they continue improving themselves further); and by hanging out with confident people in order to build up their own confidence.


The author is trying to stress the importance of confidence for any woman who intends to be successful. Knowing very well that a lack of confidence is what hinders a majority of women who have the potential to become successful, she makes sure to reiterate that confidence is something that can be built up even if it was not instilled into a person during childhood.

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