Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
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Part 3-4

Hollis explains the importance of being effective in everything one sets out to do. Through examples, she describes how people tend to waste time doing things that do not contribute to their goals, and cautions women not to fall into the trap of being time-wasters with non-productive activities. To be effective, she advises the replacement of the to-do-list with a results list, listing only clear and elaborate targets for the purpose of maintaining focus; a person should define what they want to achieve, and not merely what they want to do. Furthermore, Hollis argues that there is a need for a person to re-evaluate their efficiency as a means to enhance their productivity, possibly by rhetorically asking if something could be done to make activities or tasks even more efficient.


Results and productivity are the ultimate measurements of a person’s success. To showcase the importance of being results-oriented, Hollis uses real-life accounts of people she had observed waste time, and points out that by having clear and specific targets, one can become more focused. Furthermore, she also emphasizes the need to always find ways of carrying out activities more efficiently.

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