Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Part 3-6

The author explains the importance of having leadership skills, but keenly notes how they tend to be suppressed in women. Hollis encourages women to take up leadership roles at all levels and use a variety of platforms to “light up the way for other women to follow”. She also challenges all women to consider those others in their leadership spheres, hold other women’s hands, and “move with them when the going gets tough”.


Leadership is a key element to help uplift the welfare of women. The author takes this moment to call out the stereotypes that suppress leadership qualities in young girls. The examples she gives, of how simple comments towards a child can shape their character in adulthood, is a wake-up call to all parents to be extremely cautious with what they say. Finally, she calls on all women to support each other at all levels.

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