Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks

Biography of the Author

Rachel Hollis is an online blogger and author of many motivational books for women. She was born on January 9th, 1983,  in Weedpatch, California. She is married to Dave Hollis – with whom they have four children. Apart from Girl Stop Apologizing, she has also written the book Girl, Wash Your Face, which won The New York Times’ best-selling author competition. She is also a motivational speaker, a TV personality, a mother of four, and founder of a popular lifestyle website ( She is passionate about empowering women and speaks strongly in support of gender equality. Following her effort and success, she was chosen as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Inc. Magazine.

The Hollis Company is an organization supporting gender equality, and aims to positively impact people in achieving their goals through media content, conferences, and inspirational talks. In all her works, Hollis asserts that the mindset of people and societal norms are the barriers that prevent them from chasing and achieving their goals.

Context of the Book

Girl, Stop Apologizing was written by Rachel Hollis and published on March 5th, 2019. The author stated the title is inspired by the song, Sorry, Not Sorry, by Demi Lovato, where the singer implies that she is not prepared to apologize for doing things that makes her happy. In her song, Lovato is not afraid of living life on her terms: she dresses well, feels great, and she is not sorry for it. The song gave Hollis the impetus to write about women chasing their dreams and ignoring what society thought of them. Most women struggle to fit in an already predefined picture of what a woman should be. They believe that being a woman rests upon being a good mother, wife, and daughter — and makes many women forget about who and what they really are simply because of societal expectations. The author argues that change begins when one stops caring what other people think of them, and starts pursuing what makes them happy. This concept revolves around the idea that what makes one happy is good enough regardless of what people think about it.

Everyone has goals, and the only difference is that some individuals are yet to discover what theirs are. Some goals are discoverable when you shake off your fears. Our minds conceive great ideas that make us marvel, yet afraid of pursuing them because of their magnitude. This book is specifically meant for women and how they can overcome the burden of societal needs and people’s expectations. It also addresses issues of male dominance in a society with gender-defined roles, specifically where women are discriminated and are not allowed to perform certain duties. Hollis advocates for equality and argues that women can perform duties that are thought to be male-orientated tasks. Having been written in a century where there are strong campaigns calling for gender equality, this book is important as it calls women from their sleep and encourages them to chase their dreams while ignoring the societal norms and expectations that may prevent them from succeeding.

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