Girl Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Themes are described as ideas that dominate a particular piece of literature. In almost all cases, pieces of literature will be centered a theme or a number of them.
Women Empowerment

This could be argued as being the main theme of the book. For many years, women have been seen not living to their full potential partly due to male dominance in most areas, as well as due to the fear of failing, or falling short of expectations. Throughout the book, Hollis is sending a wake-up call to women, urging them to cease acting or living under the shadows of other people — be it their own parents, husbands, or friends. She urges women to be confident of themselves and pursue their own dreams without caring about other people’s opinions. To achieve this, Hollis illustrates — in detail — some of the behaviors to adopt, the skills to build, and the excuses to drop. Furthermore, she is urging women to be supportive of one another, to adopt leadership roles, and light up the way for other women.

Gender Stereotypes

Hollis has vastly addressed the issue of gender stereotypes and gender-defined roles in most of the chapters in the book, specifically through castigating society-defined gender roles that have a tendency to hinder women from realizing their full potential. She also touches on the role of parenting in propagating these stereotypes — for instance, she highlights how parents tend to unknowingly suppress leadership skills in young girls when they make certain comments. Besides calling on all women to rise above such stereotypes and pursue their dreams with full confidence, Hollis also argues that women can, in fact, pursue their dreams and still have a great family.

Women Succeeding in Careers

Hollis has also extensively addressed the issue of women’s careers. Throughout the book, she asks women to fearlessly pursue their dream careers, using her own life as a reference point to showcase what it takes for a woman to succeed. In connection with the other themes, she introduces this one by disapproving all stereotypes and societal expectations that tend to prevent women from pursuing their careers. Hollis also advises on the behavior that women should adopt to be successful in whatever they undertake. For instance, she tells women to embrace their ambitions, build foundations for success, and define single dreams to concentrate on. Finally, she shares some of the skills that is considered as key towards success — including confidence, persistence, effectiveness, and positivity.

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