Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin

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Rachel Hollis
Year Published
About the Title

As a popular lifestyle blogger, Rachel Hollis first made headway as a writer documenting her experience as a woman, completing only a few, larger creative projects along the way. In Hollis’ “Girl Wash Your Face,” readers receive the opportunity to peer into the psychology surrounding how stereotypes and judgments, especially regarding those towards women such as problems of birth and childcare arise. Particularly, Hollis focuses on the impact and often unseen role that some women themselves play in perpetuating and actualizing the social place of these stereotypes, relating some of her own experiences to the reader in order to help drive home the commonplace nature of this psychology. In one example, she relates her own annoyance and judgment of a mother unable to control her child’s behavior on an airplane, before breaking down the immediacy of that reaction and reflecting on it as a possible cause for the stigmatization of child care. Clearly, Hollis’ observations have resonated with many of her readers owing to her own relative obscurity as an author before the publication of “Girl Wash Your Face,” showing the collective acknowledgement and value of her ideas.

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