Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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Chapter 10

The chapter commences by highlighting that not all the aging people are happy about celebrating their birthdays, but the irony comes about when the author affirms that she likes celebrating her birthday, and that is the reason she plans for it months ahead. Most women dislike aging because they feel that they had not achieved what they had planned, or dreamt of when they were young. Besides, they feel like they have underachieved, and have not been able to get all the things they fancied they would achieve in life (Hollis). For instance, Hollis shares the story of how they tried to adopt an Ethiopian child for years, the experiences they underwent after taking the babies from foster care, and later being deprived the joy of being a mother.

It is evident that the author had a lot of plans about being a mother, but soon after, her plans were unsuccessful. With all these happening, she chooses to seek spiritual intervention, and this forced her to develop faith. Through faith, she was able to become a mother, and from experience, she learned that it is prudent to make achievable goals instead of setting time limits. Additionally, formulating a list of the things one has achieved is an important aspect towards building esteem, and being proud of the aging process.


From the assessment of Hollis’s character, she can be described as persistent, and optimistic. This can be evidenced by the fact that she faced a lot of rejection while seeking the adoption of a child but instead she continued to persist, and never lost hope in the process. On the other hand, even after being deprived the feeling of being a mother soon after the biological father reclaimed the children they had taken from the foster home, she upheld her faith, and believed that in due course she will still become a mother.

Besides, her persistent nature can be observed in the act of applying for the adoption of an Ethiopian child for over five years without getting any positive response. Furthermore, from the chapter, it is evident that spiritual intervention is something which provides individuals peace of mind. In the case of Hollis, she was so depressed, and fidgety about the issue of adopting, and having the feeling of motherhood. In the end, she stopped pushing things, and had faith that God’s time is the perfect time. Besides, the chapter affirms that it is beneficial to set goals, or objectives rather than having strict timeframes for achieving the set goal.

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