Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 11

The section comprehensively shares a lot about the troubles associated with raising a pre-schooler. The author shares several insights on how everyone is living in fear, and chaos in their undertakings. In essence, the author affirms that everybody is striving to achieve something, but one is not contented with the approach he, or she is supposed to undertake (Hollis). As a result, she points out that there are various things which one can consider, or put into practice when faced with confusion in their lives. The firm acts she advocates include ignoring the chaos, and keeping on working harder to achieve a specific goal. Naturally, chaos tends to bring stress, and once a person focuses on such negative energy, she ends up bringing some elements of stress to herself which work to impede the activity of raising the children as expected. Another act is battling the current chaos by using different mechanisms. For instance, when faced with turmoil Hollis opts for cleaning as this works to distract her from the current situation. The third method of handling the chaos is through drowning in the case. All these aspects may work, or fail to work, but it is the responsibility of the individual to determine the best solution to partake depending on the situation.


The chapter stresses the concept of confusion, and how it works to build the personality of an individual. The excerpt portrays Hollis as an assertive individual given the fact that she can turn the bad times into good times by incorporating various actions to combat the chaotic conditions which she tends to face. Furthermore, her ability to overturn the setbacks into opportunities can be perceived as one of the unique attributes which she possesses. Moreover, the chapter affirms the importance of cherishing optimism as it enables a person to conquer the hard times.  The author confirms that even though one may be faced with bad, and uncertain times, it is crucial to consider having in place a positive attitude that at some point things will change for the better. Also, the excerpt affirms that self-drive is an important factor which should be considered during the entire operation. This means that one has the responsibility of ensuring that she is ready to do anything so that the chaotic situation can come to an end. 

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