Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 12

The section captures the importance of not requiring approval from other individuals about you. Hollis affirms that being a people-pleaser is not a positive quality which one should uphold. In essence, the chapter aims to provide the notions that it is important to portray the importance of defending one’s values. For instance, Hollis wanted to make a bold statement about herself through a tattoo but was very afraid of the opinions of other people. On the other hand, it is evident that making a bold statement enables an individual to be comfortable with her decisions irrespective of how other people choose to view her.

Besides, the excerpt encourages the need to socialize with gurus who will provide positive perspectives on how to deal with various pressing issues in a person’s life. Additionally, the gurus offer adequate wisdom which helps a person to reason, and thus make sound judgments about the different occurrences in life.  In general, the author stresses the need for incorporating spirituality in any decision which one hopes to make. Furthermore, the only person who can change the dimension of his understanding is the individual, and not the masses, or the public.


In an attempt to fit in the confines of the society, there are a lot of pleasures which one has to deny herself. This implies that the community is always there to criticize anything that one chooses to do, and this is one of the core factors which impede the success of the person. Thus, the primary lesson from the chapter is that everybody is in control of their destiny, and what they choose to do depends on the welfare of the individual. Besides, the behaviour, and the perception of an individual about different concepts of life depend on the type of people one chooses to surround herself with, and in this case the author advocates for women to associate themselves with gurus. Gurus are considered as persons who have abundant knowledge on the dynamics of life, and thus associating with them is a critical step towards self-realization. Thus, from the excerpt, the author is showcased as knowledgeable, and understands some of the fundamental elements which one has to consider to become successful. Furthermore, she advocates for women to be bold enough to provoke others by knowing that not everyone will be pleased with the decisions which they choose to make in life.

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