Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 14

After publishing her first book, titled ‘Party Girl’, the author notes that she received her first bad review.  Consequently, this had adverse effects on her as she experienced what she termed as “critique grief” (Hollis, 2018). At first, she was in denial, and kept going through this review, and things became worse until she entered the phase of acceptance. However, she began having doubts, and thought that maybe she was a terrible writer. Over time, she came to the realization that she could not allow people’s opinion define who she is. She understood that it was possible for her to write terribly, but learned to take constructive criticism, and push herself to grow as a writer. With this, she would not allow a bad review to characterize her as a bad writer. She also came to understand that there are different audiences for different materials when it came to arts.   As such, what some people would not find appealing to them, other people would be fascinated by it.


This chapter is mainly concerned with encouraging individuals who are afraid to explore their abilities due to fear of critiques. According to her, she stopped reading reviews from people in order to avoid getting a negative review which would affect her desire to write. She also decided to be writing for herself, that is, she is not driven by the urge to make more money rather she shares her imagination with the world.  Her main aim in this chapter is to reach out to people who are venturing into this area, and those who feel they are stuck as a result of getting a bad review from people. The chapter encourages them to move ahead without allowing negative criticism from people to affect their work.

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