Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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Chapter 15

The chapter begins with the author narrating her experience with her big brother Ryan. Ryan was more than a brother to her, as he constantly played with her, and he was her best friend. As an adolescent, he became her protector, and trained her on how to handle children who bullied her. These two were very close, however, when she was twelve years old, her brother developed a mental condition which led to his demise as he took his own life shortly after. He got access to a handgun, and in his condition, he ended his life.

The couple of years that followed thereafter were traumatizing for her, given that she was the one who found the body. She went for therapies, however, she found herself obsessively planning out her husband, and children’s funerals as a “sick coping mechanism” due to fear that they would die too (Hollis, 2018). After a couple of years, she understood that it was not in her best interest to concentrate on the trauma, and the way she felt about the tragedy. She had to look for a silver lining, that is, the good which comes out of the negative experiences as well.


This tragic event is the main inspiration for the author for this chapter. She acknowledges that not many people desire to share that their siblings are “severely depressed, and obsessive-compulsive” (Hollis, 2018). She notes that one cannot ignore their pain, nor can they leave it behind. However, they can find a way of embracing the good which is as a result of the pain regardless of the years this process takes. As such, in this chapter, she encourages people to rise above their negative experiences from traumatic events, and find something good they learned. She proposes some mechanism for achieving this from what she learned from her experiences like going to therapy, or talking about the issue.

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