Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin

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Chapter 16

In this chapter, she begins with a question which a majority of people ask themselves, “Do I have the courage to tell you this whole story?” (Hollis, 2018). She expresses her doubts about sharing experiences as she feels that keeping it close to her heart, it would hurt less if it remains hidden. Nevertheless, she proceeds to narrate her story of how she, and her husband planned to adopt a little girl when she was pregnant with their son Ford. She had been placed in the adoption program in Ethiopia, for two years when the Ethiopian government decided to halt the program. Six months later, the government took a step further, and “closed adoptions to the United States completely” (Hollis, 2018). As a result, they enrolled in the foster-to-adopt program, and received a medically frail child. Unfortunately, the department did not have any knowledge of their medical condition, and after three months the child died. However, after a short period, they received twins whom they were going to foster, but this joy was cut short when an anonymous individual rang the department reporting them of child abuse, and soon after the twins were taken away. She was afraid of writing this story due to the fear of driving away people who wish to start this journey.


Her experience of losing these children who were under her care is one which was not easy to share. However, in this chapter, Hollis tries to help people cope with some of the situations which they face in their everyday life. That is, they should be honest about what they are going through, and who they are. In addition to this, she emphasizes more on the need, to tell the truth, and associate oneself with people who are honest.

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