Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 17

The chapter opens up with the author sharing a lot on how divorce works to disorient the status of a family. In her situation, the divorce of her parents deprived a lot of her childhood memories, and shares a lot the story of how she anticipated being taught how to drive a situation that led to the creation of a ride between the author, and her father (Hollis). On the other hand, in her younger days, she lost her big brother, Ryan, and the divorce came soon before she could get over the ordeal. Despite the problems, and the childhood trauma, the author believes that those experiences should not be treated as life sentences. With this, she writes that she believes there are other individuals who are facing harder, and tougher times, and thus it is the responsibility of the individual to have a changed mindset. Thus, she compares the situation with gaining weight, and affirms that as long as one is in control of his body then she has the power to change everything.


From the overall assessment of the chapter, it is correct to note that the family is a primary factor which dictates the future well-being of a child. The unity of a family works to provide the child with a bright future whereas a family which is faced with a lot of conflicts tends to affect the psychology of a child, and thus may become a major contributor to the development of bad behaviour. In Hollis’s case, it is essential to note that she is an individual of strong will, and was able to change the memories of a chaotic childhood into something that made her strong, and able to face her fears. By considering the thoughts of the divorce of her parents, and the demise of her bigger brother, she always convinced herself that there are other people facing much worse times, and this worked to provide her the strength, and the will to overcome any situation she faced as an adult.

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