Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 18

The author shares about the first time she has alcohol at a scandalous age of fifteen. All these happened when she visited her sister Christina who gave have a sip of Midori Sour. The second time she drank was when she was seventeen, and this time they drank cheap Tequila with her best friend Kim. Later on, after getting married to Dave, she was amazed by how other couples drank a lot of wine but she later understood their plight soon after she got her babies (Hollis). Moreover, she writes how it went ahead to become a habit which immensely affected her well-being, and elicited the procrastinating behaviour. Later on, she affirms one can actually conquer such habits by breaking down the weaker parts of the habit before building them up again in a refined manner. By acknowledging reality, one is able to conquer the negative side-effects of drinking.


The chapter provides an exclusive analogy of how habits are nurtured, and how one can work to break the bad habits. Hollis began drinking at a very young age but never realized that she was getting deeper, and deeper into excessive drinking. Most individuals tend to get into habits such as drinking just to cover up, or forget the problems they are facing, and in Hollis’s case, she began drinking a lot of wine as a result of the stress brought forth by the babies. She always felt tired, for instance, she had to wait half a day at MacDonald’s on Saturday, and this frustrated her making her develop the habit. On the other hand, Hollis is perceived as an individual who can persevere given the fact that she was able to break the drinking habit even though the process is painful, and demanding. For instance, the ability to resist temptation is one of the serious issues which she had to overcome during the process.

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