Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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Chapter 19

The chapter provides a background assessment of Southern California where the author grew. The author goes ahead to affirm that her people are from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. In addition, it is affirmed that she has roots from the Irish, and the Scottish descents which proves that she is from an origin of strong, proud, and conservative individuals who are deeply entrenched in their religion, and culture. This implies that the individuals were deeply confined in their space, and had little knowledge of the surrounding environment beyond the ten-mile circumference. With this, the author tries to showcase that the community had not interacted with other cultures beyond their borders, and instead admitted those individuals who acted, and did what they understood. Thus, this can be observed as the key reason why she shares the story of when she first visited Disneyland to play the clarinet with no member of her family.  From this experience, and other experiences with her husband, Dave, she believes that human beings need to diversify, and get in touch with other people from different cultural backgrounds.


From the chapter, it is correct to note that Hollis is open-minded, and believes that cultures need to blend, and bring about a new form of culture. From the assessment of her young days it is evident that she had no touch with the outside world, and soon after she left for Disneyland, she felt the difference as she points out that everyone stood out in glorious diversity. This implies that she adequately understood the essence of diversity, and the importance of blending the different art forms. On the other hand, Hollis can be portrayed as respectful given the fact that she is in a position to accept the culture of other individuals even though she may find it offensive. For instance, in some communities, women are empowered while in others they have no voice to champion for their rights. Despite all these, she resolved to ask humble questions in order to understand the perception of a given culture before embracing it.

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