Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 2

Chapter two is about how one can honour promises he/she makes to himself/herself, thus being able to stop a habit, and start a new one. The chapter begins by stating the second lie that Hollis believed, that is, ‘I will start tomorrow’. She proceeds to gives examples, and scenarios (of both herself, and her friends) of struggles with keeping one’s own promise, as a result of believing the lie. For example, she narrates how she started, and failed to continue with several programs including plans to attend gym, marathon, and walking to work (Hollis, 2018). Like Hollis, many women also start such plans with good intentions but find it difficult to continue because they find it normal to dishonour the promises they make to themselves. While one may want to honour the promises they make to themselves, they find the urge to break the promises irresistible. The distractions in life are among the factors that induce the urge of reverting to old habit thus abandoning a promise such as never to take diet coke again. Hollis (2018) gives an example of a woman who promises herself not to take a certain meal but goes ahead to take it on her child’s birthday. The child’s birthday, therefore, becomes the distraction.


Keeping a promise to people, and one’s self is rewarding as it earns one trustworthiness, and reputation (Hollis, 2018). To be able to start honouring the promises one makes to herself, one has to recognize the lie (‘I will start tomorrow’), realize that she is in control of her life, and thus begin to set goals that are achievable (Hollis, 2018). Keeping promises, however, requires effort to fight urges to break the promise. For example, one who promises to stop taking diet coke may need to put an effort in fighting the temptation to take it once again. Hollis (2018) opines that when confronted with such temptation, one ought to revert to their training. The fact that one has done it before reminds her that she can do it again. Other pieces of advice that may help one begin a habit of keeping promises include starting with a small goal, being honest with one’s self, and not setting goals that one will not have time to fulfil (Hollis, 2018).

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