Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 20

In the chapter, the author shares some of the things she was unable to do when she was a teen, and the things she has minute memories of such as the tennis team she had joined. With this, she points out that she had a lot of gifts but most of them were far beyond the athletic field. But things changed once she was having their third son, and Dave started getting into shape so that he could participate in the 13-mile half marathon. The move infuriated the author, and thus challenged her to start practicing, and exercise for the next marathon just to prove to herself that she was capable. With this, she wanted to be her own hero, and this is the reason she underwent all the troubles of training for the half marathon. Therefore, the chapter closes with the author affirming that everybody can achieve whatever she aspires provided she had a positive mindset, and has the will to complete whatever they started.


The excerpt portrays Hollis as a competitive individual who is ready to undertake any given challenge. To affirm her position, she shares a lot of the accomplishments which at first seemed like a distant reality. For instance, she writes that she has been able to build a company out of nothing, and thus the half marathon was something which she could easily achieve. Furthermore, the chapter affirms the importance of resilience, and this can be observed from Hollis’s character where despite the fact that she got knocked down by life she was able to spring back much stronger than before. When running the marathon, in the eleventh mile she was deeply exhausted, and she struggled, and did all that she could in order to complete the race. Therefore, she advocates for the need to always be focused to achieve the set goals irrespective of the setbacks which one may face along the way.

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