Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 3

The lie that Hollis had to confront in this chapter is the belief that she is not good enough. She states that she is a workaholic, a problem she developed while she was still young. Her parents had marital problems that really affected how she was brought up (Hollis, 2018). Due to the fact that she was self-sufficient while still young made parents to ignore her, not unless she managed a great achievement such as attaining grade A in a test (Hollis, 2018). To be ignored until she made an achievement out of the ordinary made her always want to work more to achieve something so as to get attention. In her words, she states that “what this taught me as a child was that…in order to be loved, I needed to produce something” (Hollis, 2018).


As a recovering workaholic, Hollis has to wake up at five o’clock to write books so as to be able to get time to work in the media company, and attend to her family as well (Hollis, 2018). These activities are done with ease because Hollis feels an urge to work more, and more. Her workaholic nature has enabled her to succeed in her workplace. She has been able to achieve her dream of founding an online platform that connects, support, and advice women. This has not only given Hollis happiness but has also served to push her into working extensively, and excessively.

The workaholic habit has however negatively impacted her more than it has positively done so. For example, she had to break up with Dave (with whom they were in a long-distance relationship) due to her lack of time (Hollis, 2018). She also developed disorders, for instance, facial paralysis, and vertigo due to stressful work without sufficient rest (Hollis, 2018). These challenges cost her happiness, money, and time, and enabled her to realise that she was just good enough, and loved, and that she needed to stop working long hours. She pursued joy, and played more with children as opposed to working long hours, as prescribed by her doctor so as to recover from vertigo. Going for therapy, hustling for joy, and reordering her priority list made her recover well from her workaholic habit, and the negative effects it brought in her life.

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