Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 4

This chapter concerns itself with confronting the misconception that one is always better than others. The author begins by narrating how she teased a colleague in school for having hairy toes. This was quite embarrassing to her because she gossiped about another person’s hairy toes yet she also struggled to shave the hairs on her toes (Hollis, 2018). As a grown-up, she came to wonder why women have the habit of gossiping, and judging others yet it does not benefit them in any way. A story is also narrated of a couple traveling with two boys on a plane bound for Chicago. One of the boys keeps crying in protest because the mother has denied him the permission to run up, and down in the craft (Hollis, 2018). Although everybody is disturbed by the noise made by the little boy, it is Hollis who judges the mother for not being able to discipline the child well (Hollis, 2018). Like Hollis, many women find themselves struggling with the habit of judging others even though it prevents them from relating with others well.


Hollis (2018) argues women should resist both the urge to judge others, and the compulsion to compete with others. In order to get past the desire to judge others, women need to make an admission that nobody is immune (Hollis, 2018). This is only possible after the realization that no one is better, or righter than the others. For Hollis, she took conscious steps to get past the undesirable habit of judging other women. For example, she kept non-judgment friends, kept check of herself, and dealt with the problem after admitting its existence (Hollis, 2018).

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