Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 5

The chapter opens up with a vivid description of how the narrator met the guy she loves. She softly speaks of how she met the guy, and how their relationship grew through texting, and e-mailing. In addition, the narrator provides a clear description of the different dates she attended with her boss’s friend. In addition, the chapter shares profound information pertaining to the thoughts which she had when she attended the different dates. Some of the fundamental thoughts which she held include total love for the guy, having babies, and a family with the individual. On the other hand, even though she felt, and knew she was very young she was still optimistic that the relationship would still work out after the various dates which they attended. Despite the fact that Dave considered her a booty call at the end she realizes her worth, and this cause Dave to come back begging. In essence, the chapter stresses the importance of an individual understanding her worth.


The chapter portrays Hollis as naïve, and this is the reason Dave used her, and made her feel worthless. She was not fully aware of Dave’s intent, and even though he seemed unreal she still believed that their future was guaranteed. On the other hand, she is also perceived as loving, and committed throughout the entire relationship with Dave. It is worth noting that sometimes she felt rejected, and mistreated; she still remained faithful, and followed all that she was told. Moreover, she can also be described as understanding because, despite the fact that most of Dave’s friends treated her as an outsider, she still treated them with respect. In general, the chapter captures the story of Hollis’s developing love, and how it affected her view on self-value.

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