Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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Chapter 7

In this chapter, Hollis affirms that there are loud unrealistic talks about sex, especially among women. The author talks about how people are ashamed of sharing knowledge on sex, and how the public will judge her based on the step which she has undertaken. Majorly, the author talks about how the thirst for sex in marriage fades as time go by, and this serves as one of the elements which destroy the foundation of a relationship (Hollis).  Thus, in the excerpt, the author shares some of the elements she used in order to improve her sex life. For instance, she attempted to redefine sex in her own mind, and this worked to improve her sex life.


From the assessment of the situation, it is evident the author is bold, and daring. This can be evidenced by the fact she is not afraid to confront reality, and this is the reason she engages her husband in the sex talk. Furthermore, she is also portrayed as committed, and not afraid to try out new things.  She is able to confront reality, and get what she wants and, in this case, she works to improve her sex life. On the other hand, she is flexible as she is in a position to switch from different behaviours provided she gets what she wants. Thus, this chapter showcases an individual who is persistent, and determined to get what she wants. Furthermore, she affirms that there are various things which one can do to address their sex life, and thus ensure they maintain the strength of their relationship.

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