Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 8

In this chapter, the author shared a lot pertaining to the difficulties which come along with pregnancy. She further shares some of the fears which she had during the different pregnant periods. For instance, she had fear of how to react if the umbilical cord got wrapped around the child’s neck. She shares some of the life changes which she had to undergo, and how it affected her thinking. In addition, she reiterates some of the elements which made her overcome the troubles during her pregnancy period.


The chapter reiterates the importance of persevering through hard situations. The author shares a personal account of her pregnancy period, and this provides adequate information on how to address such situations. In addition, it is evident that any situation which one may consider unpleasant is an opportunity to discover something new, and exciting. For instance, during her pregnancy, Hollis discovered that staying away from Pinterest was a unique way of coping with the situation. In general, the chapter points out the importance of coping with stress by exploring, and discovering other ways of living.

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