Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 9

The chapter shares a lot about the problems which come along while trying to be a good mother. Hollis notes that at first, she felt she was unable to undertake the required responsibility, and the entire society was expecting her to be an exceptional mother. Furthermore, she states that being a good mother involves tracking all the schedules of the children, and ensuring they are strictly followed. In addition, she points out that motherhood is a period of uncertainty, and thus as a mother one is required to try out things which have not been attempted previously. She also advises that it is not prudent to compare one family with another as this will work to impede the ability of one as a mother (Hollis). In essence, throughout the entire experience, Hollis believes that one of the key elements of becoming a good mother is learning through the process, and following some of the major evidence-based practices.


In essence, the chapter reinforces the aspect of learning in the process. This implies that when faced with any condition, it is advisable to make use of the existing evidence, or try to find out new ways which can work to solve the situation. In this case, she raises her children by considering what is best for them, and not carelessly following the thoughts, and ideas of other people. On the other hand, the aspect of focusing on quality is paramount as it helps in bringing up children who are well mannered, and have respect for each individual.

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