Girl Wash Your Face
Rachel Hollis
Contributed by Micheal Celestin

Grace Inspired Home (by Amanda Berke/ August 23 2018)

According to a review done by Amanda Berke, in ‘Grace Inspired Home’, Hollis’s book reflects the current situation that a majority of people are facing (Berke, 2018). That is, many people are held back from being what they are truly meant to be by the lies which they hear, and believe. More so, these lies prevent them from being what God intended them to be (Berke, 2018). Nevertheless, all these lies are surrounded by one major truth, that is, “your happiness is up to you” (Berke, 2018). In her perspective, Hollis’s transparency, as well as honesty, makes it easy for one to relate with her as one would with a friend.  She feels comfortable recommending the book to other people as it has the ability to make every person be better, as it has helped her identify her life, and take ownership in bringing changes to her life. The main take away from the book is that it helps one to evaluate their life on a personal level.

Basically, in this review, Amanda is able to capture the main theme of the book. Hollis intends for her audience to understand that they should not be held back by the lies they hear, or believe in order for them to be happy. Amanda is able to capture this by explaining to the audience that happiness is not elusive rather it is a choice which people make (Berke, 2018). Mainly for them to be happy, they will have to rise past the lies which are holding them back. In my point of view, this book is not only meant to unearth the lies holding women back but also to help them to transform their lives. This is clearly depicted in this review as Amanda states that the book enables her to understand that it was her responsibility to change the trajectory of her life. As such, the review is able to capture the primary intentions of the author.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be (by August 23 2018)

On the other hand, (2018) feel like Hollis is imploring her readers to find their inner truths for them to live a healthy life. They derive this from Hollis’s experience narrated in the book. That is when Hollis succeeded she received praises as well as attention, and as a result, this made her to feel accepted, and liked. However, as soon as her audience stopped clapping for her, this feeling would cease. Therefore, she internalized the idea that for her to be loved she needed to be producing something. According to them, Hollis is reaching out to such people in order to make them stop worrying about the external pressure. Instead, they should all focus on personal fulfilment, and get in touch with their feelings, and desires. (2018) sees the book as connecting with people, and helping them to take control of their mental, spiritual, physical health by regulating unpleasant habits, and unhealthy comparisons. Additionally, the fact that Hollis pairs biblical lessons with her personal anecdotes, according to them, it helps to make her point, and communicate clearer. The main take away for them is that this book helps to inspire women who already feel like they are stuck in a path to the realization of their dreams.

Hollis’s primary targets in this book are the women who need the motivation to help them overcome some of the barriers in their lives created by a web of lies. Thus, I concur with that the book is essential in helping women to move forward. In addition, many times these lies crop up due to unhelpful comparison, and unpleasant habits. Thus, by dropping these habits one is able to appreciate who they are, and focus more on achieving their dreams, and seeking personal fulfilment. However, this review hardly touches on the issue of happiness which is central to Hollis’s book. Majority of these lies makes people unable to live a fulfilling which in the end makes them be less happy. Nonetheless, Hollis feels that happiness every person has the capacity to be happy if they rise past the lies holding them down.  Thus, in my perspective, although this review highlights some key concept made by Hollis in her book, it fails to mention some which are fundamental for the audience to capture in order to transform their lives.

Christy's Reviews > Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be (by August 23 2018)

Christy’s review posted by states that this book helps people to think about their lives, and the things that they are engaging in (, 2018). Each chapter inspires an individual to have the desire to conquer the world, or at least the individual life. For Christy, this book inspired her to be a better person, but to some point; it also made her be hard on herself when she failed. This is attributed to the fact that Hollis gives her readers tips on how to go about some of the lies they have been told, and be a better person. As such, Christy recommends this book to women as it has the ability to transform their lives.

Essentially, Hollis does not only provide relatable stories for people to read but at the end of each chapter, she gives her audience some tips, which if followed they can help her readers overcome similar situations. Basically, this act as a blueprint for the audience, which helps them change the trajectory of their lives. As such, she ensures that her readers are not left with the question as far as navigating through the lies they have been told is concerned. In light of this, it is possible for people who have read the book to be hard on themselves when they fail to overcome similar lies (, 2018). However, this may not be the case for every individual who reads the book. Nevertheless, I agree with Christy that Hollis’s book makes individuals think about their lives in a different dimension. That is, it inspires people to conquer the lies that have been holding them back. Additionally, the fact that she uses relatable stories, and humour makes the book to be interesting.

Each chapter in Hollis’s book concentrates on a lie that people are told, and she explains how the lie can impact one’s life if internalized by giver her personal experience. She adds on to this by giving some tip which helped her to overcome the lie. In each of the reviews above, the writers are able to capture the main theme of the book. They each acknowledge that the book has the ability to transform the lives of people. Evidently, from these reviews, it is clear that the book communicates to an individual on a personal level. That is, they find it relatable to their individual experiences, and desire to change their personal lives. One factor which is common to all the review, however, is that women are the primary target of Hollis. She desires to ensure that their lives are transformed by motivating them to be a better version of themselves. In my opinion, these reviews are in line with the author’s objectives. They each express a similar opinion as those which are held by Hollis. In addition to this, they each show that the book has been able to deliver accordingly, by improving their lives.

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