Girl in Translation
Jean Kwok
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 10

When 10th grade begins, Kim is feeling much more comfortable in America. She still isn’t friends with too many of the students, but she has strong feelings for Matt, and those feelings are intensified whenever he comes close to her. Still, she doesn’t ever let him get too close, and eventually he begins dating another girl, Vivian.

Curt broke his leg on a ski trip, and when he returns he’s confined to bed. He calls Kim, asking if she will help him stay up to date on math and science. After he returns to school, they hang out more often. That popularity leads to other boys showing an interest in her, and many phone calls to her house.

Ma and Kim go to a debate tournament that Nelson is in. Both Nelson and his brother speak disrespectfully to their parents, and Kim avoids saying anything that could get Aunt Paula mad. His debate team loses badly.

When winter sets in again, the oven breaks. Kim and Ma call a man to fix it, but he says he is unable to and tries to cheat them out of money. Kim threatens to call the police, which leads to the man running away.

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