Girl in Translation
Jean Kwok
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 11

One day a few boys who are hanging out with Vivian start making fun of Park. Kim comes to his defense, and after insulting one of the boys, she runs with Park. That’s when Matt comes out and beats up one of the boys. He’s grateful for Kim’s help, but he is cold towards Vivian.

There is an inspection that forces all of the kids at the factory to hide in one of the bathrooms. While in there, Kim and Matt get pressed together. After staying like that until the inspection is over, Matt and Kim hang behind. That’s when they kiss. However, the next day Matt still kisses Vivian, which Kim takes as him choosing Vivian over her.

Curt invites Kim to a party, and Kim tries to figure out a way to go. Eventually, she tells Ma that she’s going to sleep over at Annette’s, and then they go together. At the party, Kim is surprised that no parents are there, but she enjoys it and gets high with Curt and his friends. After that, Curt kisses her.

The standardized test scores are finally mailed, but they go to Aunt Paula’s since that is the address that the school has on file. When Kim opens up the scores, she realizes that she was perfect in every category.

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