Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Contributed by Joslyn Justiniano
Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

Scarlett gives Gerald’s watch to Pork as a thank-you reward, and Pork becomes overly enthusiastic by her liberality. Scarlett organizes a private meeting with Ashley and offers him a half share of her sawmill. Will has disclosed to her that Ashley desires to take Melanie and their child, Beau, to the North. Hence, this becomes her plan to keep Ashley close to her.

Ashley declines her offer. He reveals to her he is embarrassed she has done so much for him and his family. Taking her gifts and assistance has hurt his pride, and he would not like to do it any longer. Scarlett begins sobbing uncontrollably, and Melanie keeps running in to console her. Scarlett tells Melanie she needs Ashley’s assistance, and Melanie resentfully condemns Ashley for rejecting the offer. At the point when Melanie understands the family can move back to Atlanta if Ashley works for Scarlett, she is persuaded it is the best course of action. Ashley cannot withstand the push from both Scarlett and Melanie, so he consents to go to Atlanta and work at the plant. Scarlett is enthusiastic, yet Ashley looks devastated. Over time, the family moves to Atlanta and gets a house close to Aunt Pittypat’s. Ashley’s sister, India, also comes to stay with them.

Melanie turns into the main person in their group of friends, a leader of several groups; she is also a darling of them all. Scarlett and Frank regularly go to Ashley and Melanie’s home during the evening, yet Scarlett despises doing so as such in light of the fact that discussions regularly swing to the war. She is moreover less enthusiastic over her pregnancy, since it keeps her from visiting the plant to monitor things. Both her directors are excessively humble, men who lack honor, and Scarlett is infuriated that she is losing quite a lot of money. Scarlett proposes enlisting convicts for the plant, however Frank opposes it. Startled by his demonstration of strength, she consents to his thought.

Chapter 42

Scarlett gives birth to a girl. Ella’s arrival takes place during a period of high tension: the Ku Klux Klan has killed an African American man who was accused of assaulting a white lady. Scarlett is appreciative that Ashley and Frank are not in the Klan; she trusts Ashley has a wealth of knowledge, but Frank has a weak heart.

Since the environment is toxic, Frank hinders Scarlett from going to the plant. This makes Scarlett incensed. After complaining to Melanie, she sends over somebody to help: a rough Confederate veteran named Archie who detests African Americans, Yankees, and ladies — with the exception of Melanie. Archie and Scarlett cannot stand one another, yet Archie is ready to help her on the grounds that Melanie asks him to, and Scarlett only tolerates him since he can be her driver and protector when she goes to the factory. Scarlett, in the long run, learns that Archie is an ex-convict who earned his freedom by consenting to battle with the Confederate armed forces. When Scarlett gets convicts to work in her factory, Archie rejects to drive her any longer. However, Ashley cannot seem to make the plant successful with the help of convicts.


Here is yet more confirmation Scarlett is a spoiled child. In spite of the fact that Ashley reveals to her he will lose a lot, including his spirit, by working for her in Atlanta, she demands that he does as she wants. She even makes Melanie pressurize Ashley to disclose more than what would have been prudent. Ashley is the one individual who makes Scarlett consider other things besides dollars. He is a poor leader and manager but she needs him around, so she tolerates his qualities. She supposes he simply needs to study the business, yet she rushes to reject different supervisors as inept or unable.

Scarlett considers Frank to be weak and easy to manipulate, yet he is starting to exhibit a specific autonomy of thought. He prevents her from doing certain things, and yet she finds a way around his declarations. In Scarlett’s eyes, Frank is a particular old man, yet he has an abundance of abilities and will. Before the war, he had a few properties and just a little amount of money. But since the war ended, he has developed himself through his store — and Scarlett’s endeavors. It is anything but difficult to reject Frank on the grounds that Scarlett does, yet he is considerably more dependable than Charles, Scarlett’s first spouse. Frank is humble and kind to her, so Scarlett takes him lightly. However, she does not have any intention to be in love with him.

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