Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Contributed by Joslyn Justiniano
Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

Scarlett endeavors to converse with Melanie about her encounter with Ashley. However, Melanie will not allow it. She confides in Scarlett and Ashley and needs not to bother with any clarifications. For once, Scarlett considers another person’s emotions and understands it is kinder not to state anything further. Melanie is amused at all the people who suggested something was going on between Scarlett and Ashley. She points the finger at India; a fight ensues, with a large portion of the witnesses agreeing with India, and the other half favoring Melanie. Melanie takes Scarlett with her wherever she goes, and Scarlett knows Melanie is the main reason why any of her old associates even talk to her.

Chapter 56

Scarlett is frustrated at this point. She abstains from being away from other people when she is with Ashley, and she misses Rhett and Bonnie, who are on a journey together. Scarlett attempts to invest her time with Ella and Wade, yet she acknowledges they are terrified of her. Scarlett discovers she is pregnant once more. Whenever Bonnie and Rhett get back home, Rhett is cold and inaccessible to Scarlett. After she shares the news about her pregnancy, he protests saying that Ashley may be responsible.

Scarlett is angry and claims she does not need a baby by any stretch of the imagination, to which Rhett answers she may have unsuccessful labor. She swings to hit him, loses her footing, and tumbles down the stairs. Scarlett nearly dies from her wounds, and she loses the unborn baby. She needs Rhett to visit her, yet she will not request him in light of the fact that she supposes he will not come. Rather, she calls for Melanie — who is also consoling Rhett. He is drinking alcohol, alone, in his room, shocked by what he has done. When he learns Scarlett will survive, he stops crying and tells Melanie a bit about what he and Scarlett have put each other through. Rhett stops before saying Scarlett is in love with Ashley; however, Melanie is emotionally destroyed, and puzzled, by what she hears. She is certain Rhett and Scarlett adore each other, so she thinks about how they have turned out to be so alienated.


Scarlett has, for a long time, dismissed Melanie as senseless, gullible, or powerless. She might be guileless. However, these chapters demonstrate she is neither senseless nor powerless. She is distinctly great and desires the best for others. To shield Scarlett, Melanie will threaten her associations with others; she additionally gives Rhett a chance to speak out his darkest and most guarded secrets, regardless of how awkward this makes her.

Notably, Scarlett and Rhett’s love shows how mindless individuals can be, notwithstanding whether they care profoundly about one another. As Rhett has noted previously, Scarlett is capable of harming anybody who adores her. With respect to Rhett, he showed his best qualities at the point when Bonnie was conceived; now his most exceedingly-bad ones goes to the fore.

As brutal as Rhett can be, his conduct is dependably a response to Scarlett’s. At the point when Scarlett reveals to him she is pregnant once more, his first reaction is to attack her, yet she dismisses. When he turns against her, she counters in kind. At long last, she tosses herself at him to assault him, but he obstructs her; she tumbles down the stairs after hitting his arm and losing her footing. Rhett’s brutality is, in a real sense, out of caution.

Despite the fact that both Rhett and Scarlett have acted inappropriately, it is hard not to feel for them as Scarlett lies wriggling with pain in bed. Scarlett needs Rhett, yet she will not call for him in anticipation of being rejected. Outside her door, Rhett waits for her to call and is surprised that she does not. Both have been hurt so often, and they will never again risk their hearts for each other, yet they still desire to give it a second thought.

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