Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Contributed by Joslyn Justiniano
Chapter 7

Scarlett and Charles wed, just as Ashley and Melanie does. Not long after, Charles, Ashley, and all the young fellows head out to war. Charles passes on as a result of a disease in camp, and a couple of months after, Scarlett delivers his child, Wade. Scarlett is hopeless as a widow, not on account that she thought about Charles but rather in light of the incredibly strict rules of conduct for widows; she is exhausted and troubled. So when Melanie writes a letter and asks her “sister” Scarlett to try and come to Atlanta, which Scarlett concurs to. Scarlett, Wade, and Prissy will remain with Melanie and Miss Pittypat, in Atlanta.


Scarlett behaves like an adolescent who has been spoilt. She swings from one terrible choice to another, anxious to ensure her injured pride is rebuilt — and not mindful of who else gets hurt in the process. In a rush towards the war, her uncontrollable and unyielding ego leads her to a marriage, a widowhood, and a pregnancy, all within a very short time. Had Charles lived, Scarlett would have lamented wedding him; now she laments being widowed, since she is limited in her conduct and appearance.

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