Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Contributed by Joslyn Justiniano
Plot Summary

Part 1

Scarlett O’Hara is an unyielding, appealing 16-year-old who lives on her parents’ ranch, Tara, with her family including her two sisters. Every young man in the region is showing affection for her, yet she covertly shows love for her neighbor's son, Ashley Wilkes. When she discovers Ashley is seeing and betrothed to her cousin Melanie, she is devastated. Be that as it may, it doesn't prevent her from continually seeking him. During a party at the Wilkes’ home, Scarlett plays with each man in the home, including newcomer Rhett Butler and the youthful and guileless Charles Hamilton.

At one point, she discovers Ashley alone, where she decides to reveal her adoration for him. Ashley concedes that he, too, has feelings for her; however he demands he should and will wed Melanie, a far more peaceful and respectable woman, and — apparently — cherished by all. After Ashley leaves, Scarlett finds out that Rhett Butler heard their discussion and that numerous other individuals seem to realize her feelings for Ashley. To evade the humiliation, which would accompany her actions, she quickly consents to marriage with Charles Hamilton, who is in a rush to marry before he leaves to battle in the American Civil War. Not long after they wed and Charles leaves for the war, he becomes sick and passes away before reaching the battlefield. Scarlett delivers their child, Wade; she doesn't need a child and detests behaving like a widow. Being in need of a change, she consents to visit Charles’ relatives, including his sister, Melanie — now Ashley’s wife — in Atlanta.

Part 2

In Atlanta, Scarlett starts having a wonderful life once more. However she despises being overshadowed thanks to the always-serene Melanie. Rhett Butler, who had not joined the Confederate armed force, urges Scarlett to surrender her grief and enjoy some good times, to which she does. During this time, Ashley is currently at war, yet he quickly returns home to visit his people. The visit results in Melanie’s pregnancy, an occurrence that leaves Scarlett rather irritated. Not long after, Ashley is caught and detained in a prison camp, where both Scarlett and Melanie are burdened with both anger and stress.

Part 3

The conflict between the North and South becomes cagier, and more Confederate troops are losing their lives in the battle. Melanie is too heavy with her pregnancy to leave Atlanta; so together with Scarlett, they decide to stay while the others clear-out. Melanie delivers her child at the time when the Yankees launch an assault on Atlanta, and Scarlett must convey the infant without additional assistance. After the birth of the child, Scarlett chooses to take everybody to her family ranch, Tara. She is incredibly desirous to return home in light of the fact that her mom and two sisters are worryingly sick. Scarlett convinces Rhett Butler to assist them in escaping from Atlanta. At that point, Rhett, influenced by the valor and fearlessness of the officers battling to protect the South from Northern invasion, walks out on Scarlett to join the war.

Scarlett succeeds in getting her group to Tara. The house has been scorched but has not completely been brought down; yet Ellen, Scarlett’s mom, has passed on. Gerald O’Hara is in an apparent moment of pain, his mind taken over by turmoil after Ellen’s demise. Scarlett must assume the responsibility of the estate and watch over everybody living there, including Melanie’s child and her two sick sisters. Scarlett tills the ground, takes vegetables from neighbors’ farms, and even murders a stealing Yankee betrayer. She and Melanie work hard and succeed to keep the Yankees from burning Tara a second time, yet the difficulties keep coming in overwhelming proportions.

Indeed, even after the guns go silent, signaling the end of the war, things don't get easy for Scarlett and the group until Will Benteen, a retired Confederate warrior, touches comes to Tara. After Scarlett and Melanie nurture him and he gets back to his pre-war health condition, he decides to stay and help run the manor. At last Ashley comes home from the jail camp, and there is joy among the people who receive him.

Part 4

Will cautions Scarlett about how the new government that has been elected is endeavoring to raise the taxes imposed on Tara; soon she might be under pressure to sell the manor. She does not comprehend what to do or where to turn, and seeks Ashley’s recommendation; however, he has none. Scarlett endeavors to seduce Ashley; in spite of the fact that he is enticed, he repels her. Scarlett feels she has nothing to fear or to lose, and as a result she chooses to look for Rhett in Atlanta. She desires to be his wife or mistress in the event he gives her the cash she needs to keep Tara running. Be that as it may, when she finds Rhett, he is in prison and declines to give her a penny. So Scarlett decides to lure her sister’s fiancé, Frank Kennedy, and manipulates him to wed her.

While Frank finds money and gives it to Scarlett to save Tara, she eventually succeeds in borrowing cash from Rhett to acquire a sawmill. Between Scarlett’s plants and the stores belonging to Frank, they begin to realize a significant increase in their income. However, Scarlett never feels fulfilled, particularly since the Yankees are continually coming up with a reason to cause all sorts of problems.

When Scarlett loses her father during an accident, Will offers to wed Suellen and remain on at Tara, since Ashley, Melanie, and their son, Beau, go back to Atlanta with her. Scarlett loves being in the company of Ashley despite the fact that she is expecting Frank’s child. She delivers a baby girl, Ella, and Frank is reasonably happy — yet, he is frequently out during the evenings, and Scarlett does not understand the reason behind this.

Scarlett regularly drives herself through the harsh parts of town to visit her plants. On one of those days, she is assaulted. On that same evening, without the knowledge to Scarlett, Ashley and Frank go to a gathering of the Ku Klux Klan, a supremacist association that murders or debilitates free African Americans. The Klan group members pursue Scarlett’s aggressors. Amid the battle, Ashley is harmed while Frank gets executed. Ashley and the other men manage to escape with Rhett Butler's assistance. Rhett becomes close with Scarlett not long after Frank is executed. He says that he is leaving and requests Scarlett to wed him when he returns. Scarlett does not offer an immediate reply, yet Rhett squeezes her and she concurs. Everybody is appalled by their commitment, yet they soon become a married couple.

Part 5

Initially, Scarlett appreciates being married to Rhett because of the access to money. Be that as it may, he regularly infuriates her with his reactions, and she is seemingly unhappy to learn she is pregnant once more. Her baby girl with Rhett, known as Bonnie, is cute, and Rhett reveres her. That notwithstanding, Scarlett is still having tremendous feelings towards Ashley, and she reveals to Rhett that she does not want to give birth to any more children. Rhett feels aggrieved and guarantees not to care, revealing to her that he will not try to be devoted to her.

Scarlett visits Ashley’s office and gets into a tight embrace with him. It is just a show of friendship, yet it is only Melanie who trusts that. Rhett is angry and compels Scarlett to be in a relationship with him once more; she protests, yet she appreciates the experience. Subsequently he is harsh to her, abandoning her, persuaded he could not, in any way, love her again. Rhett decides to leave together with Bonnie for a long journey. While he is away, Scarlett learns she has conceived once again. When she passes the information to Rhett, they get into a heated argument and Scarlett stumbles and rolls down the stairs, where she ultimately miscarries and almost passing on. Rhett feels deeply regretful for his actions and curses himself; their marriage weakens when Bonnie dies during a horseback-riding accident.

Scarlett is on a journey when she learns Melanie, Ashley’s partner, is critically ill and on the verge of death. She races back home so that she may be at Melanie’s bedside. She realizes, then and there, that Melanie was her one genuine companion. Scarlett, at long last, comes to comprehend she was never in love with the person of Ashley; she was infatuated with her concept of him. She understands she really cherishes Rhett, and she runs home to let him know so. Rhett tells her he loved her dearly in the recent past, yet that love no longer exists. He says he does not “care at all” about how she feels, or what she intends or does with her life. After he leaves, Scarlett becomes pitiful, however not miserable; she has resolved to get him back at a future time.

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