Good Kids Bad City
Kyle Swenson
Contributed by Greta Venegas

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

In this chapter, the author showcases Cleveland’s chaotic history, specifically in the 1960s and 1970s. Ronnie Bridgeman, a young boy in his earl...

Chapter 2

The author gives details of what transpired on the day Harry J. Franks, a Caucasian salesman, was shot dead outside Robinsons’ store. Swenson men...

Chapter 3

Throughout this chapter, Swenson recounts the three teenagers’ (Ronnie, Rickey, and Wiley) arrest and detention. He also gives an account of Clev...

Chapter 4

In this chapter, Swenson is narrating the three boys’ trial and convictions. The author begins by accounting Ed Vernon’s testimony in court. Ac...

Chapter 5

In this chapter, Swenson accounts Ronnie, Rickey, and Wiley’s experiences during their incarceration. He also recounts Wiley’s retrial, which t...

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Swenson details Ed Vernon’s life — from the time he acted as the state’s key witness, to two decades later when he coinciden...

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Swenson describes Ronnie’s efforts to prove his innocence, as well as the innocence of his brother and friend. Ronnie was parole...

Chapter 8

In this chapter, Swenson describes his efforts in investigating Kwame’s case. Initially, he admits to being interested in the case only because h...

Chapter 9

Besides writing about his meetings with a number of people who had key information regarding Kwame’s case, Swenson explores the flaws that permea...

Chapter 10

Throughout this chapter, Swenson continues to expose flaws present in the U.S. criminal justice system. He begins by explaining how Rickey Jackson...

Chapter 11

In this chapter Swenson tells the tale of Ed Vernon’s struggles with stress, due to his guilty conscience, before he eventually came clean and co...

Chapter 12

Following Ed’s recantation of his original testimony, Swenson writes about the efforts of an attorney named Brian Howe, a member of The Ohio Inno...

Chapter 13

In this chapter, Swenson recalls the court’s proceedings during Rickey Jackson’s court hearing on a motion to seek a retrial following Ed Verno...

Chapter 14

Swenson recounts the retrials of Rickey and Wiley and the emotional scenes upon their release. Kwame was present when the judge dismissed Rickey’...

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