John Hersey
Contributed by Fernande Huls
Character Analysis
Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura

A mother of three children, she is a widow who lives in Hiroshima, Japan. This woman escapes the bombing, yet suffers illness due to poisoning for many years, along with her children; she also faces difficulties in finding work. This woman’s house is destroyed by the bombing.

Dr. Terufumi Sasaki

An aspiring surgeon who works at the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima. After the bombing, he examines the effects and illnesses caused by nuclear weaponry.

Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge

A German priest who also lives in Hiroshima. This priest helps Ms. Sasaki recover, who later becomes a nun. After the bombing, he becomes a Japanese citizen and changes his name to Father Makoto Takakura.

Toshiko Sasaki

This clerk works for a tin company in Hiroshima. After the war, she becomes a nun with the help of Father Kleinsorge and changes her name to Sister Dominique Sasaki.

Dr. Masakazu Fujii

This doctor’s clinic completely collapses when the bomb strikes Hiroshima. He is seriously injured, and fails to help anyone else. Years later, he suffers a sudden, unknown illness.

Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto

A Methodist who lives in Hiroshima. Plays the role of a physician, helping many victims of the bomb. Later, he becomes a peace activist. He has a daughter named Koko.

Toshio Nakamura

The 10-year-old son of Mrs. Nakamura. After the death of a close friend (due to the bombing), this boy experiences many nightmares.

Father Schiffer

A badly injured priest.

Father LaSalle

Another badly injured priest.

Father Cieslik

Another priest who helps with treating the victims of the bomb. He also finds the Kataoka children’s mother.

Mr. Yoshida

This man held the post of the Nobori-cho Neighborhood Association’s head.

Mr. Tanaka

A hater of all Christians. On his death-bed, Mr. Tanimoto reads him a poem.

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