Homo Deus
Yuval Noah Harari
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven acknowledges the position and role that data currently holds in the lives of people. It shows that the universe is filled with data flows, and is tied to the general effect that data processing is likely to have on the various occurrences that take place around the world. This chapter also shows that data was born out of the interaction between two scientific tidal waves, including the ideas postulated by Charles Darwin, as well as the ones provided by Alan Turing. As discussed by Harari, “the value of any phenomenon or entity is determined by its contribution to data processing” (Harari 429). In this regard, some people have subsequently established means to which they can use data to attain some form of power over others. They also aim to obtain information about the specific action they are likely to engage in as they attempt to create a situation where they can be valuable to one another. The author also states that “data-processing conditions change again in the twenty-first century” (Harari 432). With such changes, they are likely to give rise to various solutions for current problems as strides are made towards solving already-existent challenges, such as war.


This chapter demonstrates how dataism is a crucial part of society, and how it is likely to determine the way people perceive others and choose to interact with the environment. Where the author notes “the rise of the Internet gives us a taste of things to come” (Harari 437), one example of this is demonstrated by how people are now able to identify deep information on many things they previously knew very little about. As people place a greater emphasis on the application of data, they are likely to discover a whole new world in the process. For instance, human beings are bound to discover the impacts that the use of the Internet can have on the political world, especially the effects it may have on democracies. The application of data is also likely to improve the economy by providing people with the actual indices as they indicate the changes that have taken place over time, as well as the measures that may need to be taken to improve the situation. They are also likely to identify the different people with whom they can interact with to effectively deal with such challenges.

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