Homo Deus
Yuval Noah Harari
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
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Chapter 5

Chapter Five highlights the role of stories among human societies. The author notes that the stories “dominate objective reality” (Harari 106), thus easily verifiable and validity established within. He suggests that stories regarding corporations, nations, and gods have taken center stage around the world and have played an important role among human beings (Harari 106), thereby widening the perspective and the global form of relationship they need to have with one another.

Harari states that “myths continue to dominate humankind”, where the belief that people have regarding the various concepts around their lives was a major determinant of the actions they undertook (Harari 121). For instance, the belief in the Bible, the Mandate of Heaven, or the great god of Sobek pushed people towards developing Chartres Cathedral, the Great Wall of China and Lake Fayum. It is also the belief in a religion that shows that “humans are subject to a system of moral laws that we did not invent and that we cannot change.” Thus, humans are guided by a much-higher power that determines the kind of beliefs and perceptions they need to uphold regarding life


As noted in the chapter, stories are important in showing some of the changes that have taken place over time, as well as the impact they have had on human life. It also furthers the idea that “the modern world is very different from the pre-modern world” (Harari 106). Granted that people are likely to improve on their ability to learn lessons from the incidents affecting their current situation, as well as the actions they choose to engage in for the very same purpose. People are also well-guided by their moral beliefs. Harari, however, does not show what is objectively determined to be the appropriate moral standing in society; he discusses about the moral standing of various groups of people, without determining the most preferable one.

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