How to Win at the Sport of Business
Mark Cuban
Contributed by Andrea Barraza

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Mark Cuban
Year Published
About the Title

No, reading this will not give you any insights into how to become a billionaire, it’s just a smart tagline for when Mark Cuban wanted to publish his memoir and sell it. In “How to Win at the Sport of Business” one can imagine Cuban dictating what he felt constituted important moments, traits, or factors leading to his overall success to someone, and then having a ghostwriter turn it into a short memoir from the transcript of that verbal dictation. Essentially, readers get to hear about how entrepreneurial Cuban was in his earlier days, opening up his own bar, and how his attitude towards business as a sport that operates on a 24/7 basis exists a key factor in his success.

Mark Cuban explains to the reader that he is just your regularly smart dude that got lucky in that he was able to capitalize and dominate on his skill set and intelligence in at exactly the right time. As a result of these initial successes, he was able to snowball, gather more experiences, found more successful businesses, and become a billionaire or “win at the sport of business.” The takeaways are to have a dream, and then commit and execute on a sound, principled plan to achieve that dream. As it turns out, there is no secret sauce and the entire book explains this to the reader. While Cuban’s go-getter attitude gives off a contagious feeling of inspiration, readers may want to look up how diminishing marginal returns apply to individual productivity for more “sound, principled” business advice beyond operating on a 24/7 basis to “win at the sport of business.”

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