I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke

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Kevin Hart
Year Published
About the Title

The charming and charismatic comedian Kevin Hart takes us through a journey of bleaker experiences that he’s struggled through. Through his autobiography, “I Can’t Make This Up - Life Lessons,” Hart reveals a set of circumstances that cast a contrasting, yet more intimate account of who he was, how he grew up, and his motivations along with his rise to fame. He starts with his humble beginnings portrays a number of important characters that helped him evolve and learn. Hart begins this personal meditation on his absentee father, and how he saw through the lines of the transactional relationship between his mother and father enough to understand the inevitability of that absence, internalizing it as a source for personal strength and willpower. Kenneth, Hart’s brother, finds himself in trouble with the law after bullying an elderly woman. At the same time, Kenneth’s led a complex, confused life, also believing in defend yourself at all costs, standing up to bullies, and never losing track of your pride. Kevin, through observing the mistakes and hypocrisies of both his dad and brother, was able to refine their rougher, unreliable, headstrong attitudes into a blueprint for success. Shifting from his experiences in early childhood to a plethora of different topics, Hart expounds on important aspects and influences in his life: his mother, schooling, work, passions, grind, obstacles, loss, and finally breakthrough. From this, Hart crafts the relatable narrative of a struggling, young, seemingly disenfranchised man whose sober view of the world eventually brought him onto an international stage of success of recognition.

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