I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 1-5 - From Dad

In the first section, Kevin Hart introduces the readers to his dad, Mr. Witherspoon, a young company employee with an intense taste for the ladies and an unmatched capacity for seduction. In his estimation, though his parents were opposites, their fate was sealed through his mom’s physique and dad’s sexual drive, rather than  his “love” for her. Ultimately, her mistake was to trust a man who neglected birth control, and Kevin Hart came into existence. Nevertheless, her decision to keep him regardless of the effect she anticipated he would have on her is a testament to her character. Her decision to train him and nurture him “right” exposed him to two different parenting types: his dad’s humor, persistence, and can-do attitude, with his mom’s hardworking, never relenting spirit. However, Kevin never forgets he was a mistake. His dad even gifts him a stolen dog, a symbol of how little he knows about being a good father-figure to his son. In his defense, Mr. Witherspoon does make an effort to to explain to his son his four-year absence, time he spent in jail. However, for a man with two sons, he had no business in the place where he was caught, even though his charges seemed faked and his sentence undeserved. A man of few words and no time for “bitch-like” emotions in his boys, Mr. Witherspoon unwittingly helped Kevin develop “amazing shoulders” that could simply shrug off life’s challenges.


In this first chapter, Kevin paints a vivid picture of his conception, a time before he was even born. His knack for humor is evident despite the bleak nature of the history of his origin and the precipitation of life’s challenges. His outlook on the situation seems to present a tragedy from the genesis of his parents’ union, to their reason for having intercourse, and eventually their reason for having him. However, to readers with a sense of his stand-up techniques, the final two paragraphs are evident throughout the entire text as his humor paves way for the unique lessons this situation has to offer.

His descriptions, though “nasty,” are as well humorous to say the least. He employs metaphors and presents his dad’s absence as being similar to all life’s situation, volatile and temporary. He exacerbates the hardships of a low-income family with his analogy of the stolen dog, the nature of his arrival, and the nature of his departure. Upon introducing his dad, the mood becomes a little dull bBut it quickly shifts back to optimism in the face of tribulations: “go ahead and do it,” “we’ll figure it out,” “I’ll be all right”; a foreshadowing of Kevin’s own decisions to make the most out of a dysfunctional childhood as well as his own mistakes.

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