I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 23-29 - From Work

Childhood, for most of us, ends at the turn of 18 and Kevin’s is no different, except that his childhood ends on a low. In his last year of high school, he received a pity award for his participation on a winning swim team. He manages, however, to make his speech his first stand-up sketch. Though his speech gets laughs and cheers which he did not expect, his mind and heart feel his school performance should have done better. Further hurting his morale, his humor costs him his lifeguard job, his lackluster academic mantra “less is best” has him failing pop quizzes in college, his sexual life is history, and his height has his NBA career up in smoke.

As always, Kevin finds a way. He meets his new girlfriend, Torrei, through a mutual friend, quits college, and uses his wit and humor to get a job. While his personality gets him by the first few weeks, he learns quickly on the job making him a successful salesman. Because of his strong work ethic, he’s able to take on double shifts, and the larger  checks are also a good motivating. But like others before him, when he earns a promotion, he gets power drunk, but his humor is still evident.

Meanwhile, Kenneth decided their mom needed care.  Just like she had him sent to the military without his consent, he had her move into his house without her approval. This becomes a reason for Kevin to take a second job to begin stand-up comedy as a second job. Despite harsh criticism from close friends, like his sales job, he makes up his mind to always get better at it.


Throughout the book, regret is hardly found in Kevin’s estimation of himself until his high school graduation dinner. But all this does is make him develop a drive toward ensuring his life does not end up “going nowhere.” However, after only managing to get a spot at a community college, he quickly learns nothing comes easy, and that some things may not come at all. Eventually, his heart leads him away from the traditional route, a reality only a loving mom could accept and support. Aat least Kevin has exactly what she had worked to instill in him, a strict structure.

We see Kevin continue to make humor out of his circumstances. He shows us how happiness and sadness can be personal choices and that whatever opportunity we want, we should pursue. The hardships and sacrifice we make along the way are no longer significant once the end goal is met. Also, to doubt one’s self is to fail already. While others have the room to doubt you and make your path a little harder and your analysis a little keener, that should be nothing but motivation.

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