I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 36-43 - From Apprenticeship

In the ending of the last section, Kevin alludes to a miracle and at the beginning of this one, he enumerates the return of his father and his fight with drugs in and out of rehab. As has always been the case with Kevin, he holds no grudges and all he cared about was that “Dad was sober. Mom was happy. Kenneth had a business. And I had direction in life.” As dysfunctional as it may be, to Kevin, it feels like he “had something like family again.”.

Kevin is further energized by the Def Comedy Jam contest that would put him up against the best of his peers, including his mentor TuRae. With all his friends and family in support, except his mom who didn’t make it to the venue and his dad who fell asleep through his set, he managed to win the final round. His prize was to open at the  Def Jam show but he bombed and was quickly taken back to square one.

This long journey through criticism and patience earned him a seat at the table and more exposure. Ultimately, this got him ready for his first impression in New York. As long as everything but his belief in himself took a beating, he was ready to keep going.


In this section, the power of drugs and peer pressure, as well as the fallacy that drug use can fail to be addictive, is brought to the surface. Sexuality is also explored with regard to the need for sexual partners we consider desirable as well as  for unforgettable sexual performance.

On a positive note, this section also highlights the benefits of strong family bonds, from which comes acceptance and forgiveness despite our shortcomings and failures. With regard to personal growth, this section emphasizes that learning comes in all sizes and forms and that the ability to pick one’s self up and focus on making the next step toward success is all that is needed to overcome failure.

For Kevin, all these lessons allow him to accept delayed gratification and constructive criticism in order to be a sensational comedian in New York. These hardships become a springboard for his career.

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