I Cant Make This Up - Life Lessons
Kevin Hart
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 44-48 - From the Grind

Eventually, Kevin’s New York run starts picking up steam but he faces more troubles at home. He crashed Torrei’s car, her only means of getting to work. This confirms to her and everyone around that he is the irresponsible one in the relationship. To make matters worse, the Comic Strip didn’t give Kevin the take-off he had hoped for.  In fact, the most respected comic reviewer gave what Kevin thought was a superb performance a thumbs down. After some reassurance from Keith Robinson, he kept hope alive and avoided the Comic Strip like a plague. But soon after, he fell asleep while driving and wrecked Torrei’s leased Jeep and had to pay for all the repairs. To make amends with her and to address her concerns of infidelity, he took her along to New York. In her eyes, his definition of “hard work” and networking was simply having a good time drinking with his buddies, so she took away his rights to use her car.

His motivation to make it kept him going all the way to New York where he worked in the worst and most disdained venues. The move, he thought, gave him more appeal. Eventually, Kevin got a chance to host Saturday Night Comedy at Sweet Cheeks. The night ended though with  his cheeks taking the first blow from a piece of weaponized chicken. However, he went back and eventually took control of the scene making such strides he was able to switch the comedy schedule and keep Saturday for New York.

As his talent earned more exposure, the need for a manager grew and he met his first prospective candidate. For a guy whose response to opportunity was always yes, this one t paved way to a manger named Dave Becky. However, his expectations of management didn’t materialize. While the deal was great and the conditions were better, the immediate change he expected did not take shape. Still, he was now part of the community of “comedians, bartenders, waiters, and bookers,” a community that would ensure his rise.


In this section, Kevin’s efforts and promises mean nothing if ultimately, they bear  no tangible fruits. Despite his attempts at showing Torrei his “struggle,” her reaction to the situation is understandable. This variation in perspective educates the reader on the fact that only the dreamer has a clear understanding of their goal. Likewise, only they have the tolerance to endure the struggles to make their goal a reality.

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